• Sean is one of the most strategic and passionate marketers I have known- a true innovator who understands financial advisors' needs and motivations and how they interact with their clients in ways that lead to true differentiation for our offerings. Sean is an experienced brand marketer- from strategy to execution- he is able to manage an integrated and consistent approach to brand initiatives.

    Tiffany Grinstead VP, Marketing - Nationwide
  • Sean is an astute digital marketer and functioned well as a versatile utility player on our marketing team. I've rarely met folks that can move from marketing strategy to hands-on design, to hands-on code development, with equal effectiveness. Sean brought that all to bear as we ramped up our marketing automation platform. He also has a strong depth of knowledge in social media and mobile marketing and brings innovative thinking to the table. A great team player who will go above and beyond, I'd be more than happy to have him on our team again.

    Chris Mycek Chief Customer Officer - Cadient, a Cognizant Company
  • From our first interaction, I’ve been continually impressed with Sean’s depth of marketing knowledge, strategic foresight and inherent desire to drive results. He has a knack for motivating his peers and business partners to push boundaries in order to meet (and often exceed) business goals. Sean’s business partners describe him as a highly collaborative partner who gives 100% of himself to his work.

    Ariel Reppert Director, Marketing - Nationwide
  • Sean McCormick is an extremely talented marketing program manager with some of the best analytical experience I have seen in my 20+ years in marketing. He combines that with strategic insights that help bring innovative marketing programs to have definitive impacts on moving the needle for positive results. He is a hard-working, smart and creative addition to any team who can help bring your marketing efforts to the next level!

    Barbara Carroll Retired
  • Hardworking, creative, and a dedicated team player, Sean is a digital marketing professional who understands that "digital is about doing". From graphic design, to code, to copy, to eMail newsletters, to marketing strategy, to social media content - he gets it done! In short, Sean has a rare combination of skills - able to create, coordinate, and deliver digital marketing impact. His work with the Philly Ad Club was equally impressive, helping to organize and lead several portfolio nights.

    Jim Walker Chief Marketing Officer - Collaborative Marketing Solutions
  • As my supervisor during my internship at Beasley Broadcasting, Sean McCormick was truly a greater leader, educator, and inspiring role-model. He welcomed me to the media industry and provided me with one of the greatest experiences I ever had, teaching me more skills than any related college course could. Sean’s talent and passion for the industry is one-of-a-kind and reflects in all of his work.

    Brittany Desjardins Veterinary Diagnostic Consultan, IDEXX
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