Six Social Steps to Market Share

Have you ever been asked, “What’s the answer to social media?” Well, the answer to social media is right next to the meaning of life! But don’t we live in a world of social ninjas and gurus? Yes, and if they can give you this answer, take their picture, frame it, and set it up next to Nostradamus. Then ask them to predict the end of the world.

What makes me so captivated in social media? It’s the fact that there isn’t one answer; there are billions of answers. Every one person is an answer. And it’s constantly evolving.

But as professionals, we do need to address this question:

How do you increase market share through social media?

Even if there isn’t an answer to this question, we still can take steps in prospecting a return in market share from your social investment.

  1. Put a face(s) to your brand
    Increase your odds of intimate social connections by creating a person-to-person interaction, not company to person. Don’t hide your amazing tweeter(s) or updater(s) behind the logo. Give your social staff recognition. Lead with the mindset that your employees are your brand/company, not that you are a brand/company with employees. The cultivation of your brand starts internally
  2. Less is more
    Consumers don’t need to see a new post every time they refresh their stream. If a brand over connects, they will overstay their welcome. Make each social message count, you never know, it could be the last.
  3. Be content, not a brochure.
    Don’t constantly sell your product. You will lose social creditability; in the sense that people will just stop reading your posts. I refer this as becoming “wallpaper.” You’ll be in their stream but they wont pay attention to your post because they know it’s a sales pitch. Give them content they can use or appreciate. Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about what you can do for them or how they can relate to your brand.
  4. Ignore them, and they will ignore you!
    Try to connect with as many consumers who choose to promote or demonstrate a concern to your brand. If you ignore them, they will stop connecting with you. Deep down inside, everyone wants to be a star and/or heard, so give them a spotlight. If they chose to connect with you, provide them a response or show them love with a retweet/share. It will create an intimate interaction. Also, if you retweet/share positive comments from consumers, please remember to give them thanks. If you constantly retweet/share positive comments without giving thanks, it can be perceived as shameless self-promotion.
  5. Be as casual as your audience
    Showing up to the beach with a suit will be awkward, and going to the office with swim trunks will fashion stares. Know your audience and how they communicate. If you sound too stiff, you will give off an insincere impression. If you sound too casual, you wont be taking seriously. Finding the happy medium of connecting with consumers on their level. This practice needs to be nurtured. A good rule is too picture of yourself in a room of your consumers. Sense the consumer’s honest reaction if you announced this message. If you feel that it wouldn’t go over well, then reposition the message in the appropriate context.
  6. Ask and you shall not receive
    I have seen the topic covered, and in my personal opinion, as a brand, unless you are providing a type of philanthropy service, you never ask your consumer for anything. Don’t ask for “shares,” “retweets,” or social interaction. They are consumers, they consume. If they choose to promote your message, then that’s a win. It’s our job to craft messages that consumers organically share.

There are no real answers to what will or will not work. This is the art of marketing and the fuel that drives the creative nature of our industry. Stay connected to your consumer and their loyalty will be shown in their social interaction and the continued consumption of your product.

I hope you have a creative rest of your day!

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