Live Branding: 5 Stages To Stand Out In The Crowd This Summer

With Memorial Day Weekend approaching, the season to get your brand in front of consumers is about to swing wide open. Organizations are shifting investments into digital assets, leaving gaps in the playing field. These gaps lead to opportunities.

“Street-level” marketing can utilize a smaller budget to create a bigger impact. If you don’t have a budget to make investments with the traditional billboards, radio, and TV, we can forge market awareness at “street-level.”

An effective strategy I learned as a “Street Teamer,” uncover what your competitor is doing, and do what they aren’t and/or won’t do. Separating yourself from the competition is one of the most efficient things you can do when facing opposition. Being confident enough to creatively drive your brand’s strategy “out of bounds” will create lasting impressions.

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t. -Jerry Rice

These stages will guide you to execute a street-level marketing campaign.


To effectively execute street-level marketing, having multiple strategies ready to employ will increase your success in producing market impressions. Whenever going off the grid to make an impact, without a doubt, things will not go as planned. It might not be executed from Plan A, but Plan C got the job done. Lastly, do not stop working your brand, regardless of complications. Push through obstacles and find solutions. If “street-level” marketing was turn-key, more organizations would do it.


After you have established a course of action for your campaign, your next step is to target locations that have high traffic. But do not blindly go on-location without having insight of a venue or without previously scouting. There is also the factor of “permission.” One of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself is “should I get permission or ask for forgiveness later.” Getting permission is more streamlined, but you risk the venue refusing your presence. I suggest when asking for permission, give the venue a benefit for you being there or set a budget to pay the venue to be on-site. If you do not wish to target locations that need permission, use “public” places like parks, busy intersections, or the parking lots at live events.

Collective Commotion

Own your locations by making sure consumers are aware that you are onsite. There is an art of creating a collective commotion by not disturbing the event or consumers, yet get their attention. This can be achieved through, banners, props, street teams, and/or product/promotional item distribution

Give to get

Your main objective at street level is to put your logo in front of as many consumers as possibly. Make your second object to have as many consumers as possible leave with your logo. To accomplish this, provide them a sample of your product or a piece of promotion item with your logo. This will guarantee impressions.

Brand Presentation

Make sure the presentation of your brand ties into how you want to be perceived. If this is your first impression with a consumer, make sure it’s accurate with your brand. Also, make sure your strategy speaks to your demo. Do not turn off your demo by presenting yourself in a light that doesn’t align with their lifestyle.

Other pointers to think of for you or your team:

  • Petty Cash for parking or other miscellaneous expenses on the road
  • Have a promotion tools “emergency kit “ with scissors, utility knife, clear duct tape, staple gun, and zip ties.
  • If implementing multiple teams, create team leaders for a point of contact and set a timeline for teams to communicate with you. This is vital when hitting larger locations by tracking their progress and adjusting on the fly.

With many summers spent in the sun promoting brands from large organizations to local businesses, placing marketing boots on the ground can be the difference between you and your competitor this summer season.

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