I feel what you are going through. I recently got news that my company is moving our business unit to Columbus, OH at the end of the year. My replacement was named and I started handing-off my projects to this associate while openly searching for my next challenge. It’s a pretty awkward time in my career and I imagine you feel the same. Here’s my advice:

Stop acting JV:
As long as you continue to be under contract by the Philadelphia Eagles and cash their checks, show up to work. You are demonstrating that you handle adversity poorly. You signed the contract, now honor it to the end.
Pro tip – Varsity players show up to practice regardless of circumstances.

Stop being short-sighted:
This will most likely be the last season you suit-up as an Eagle, if they don’t trade you before that. Keeping a working relationship with your current management will provide more opportunity to get to your next team.
Pro tip – Play the long game

Stop acting emotional:
It’s completely reasonable to be mad at the situation. That said, this is the time you need to step your game up but you are shutting it down.
Pro tip – Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose

While we our not in control of our current situations, I’m confident that you are making your situation worst. I recommend you reevaluate your actions and change course. This time next year we will be in new organizations. How we get there is in our control.

(Photo credit: Keith Allison)