#MyFantasyTeam: Drafting a Personal Advisory Board

I want to dig a bit deeper into point from a recent post, Gary Vee, I disagree: dwell on weakness; establishing a personal advisory board. Regardless of where you are in your career, entrepreneur or not, I believe there is value in building relationships, whether you see these individuals as mentors or simply a source to bounce off personal or professional ideas and experiences. Retaining counsel or having an overseer to help you gauge your performance is valuable in gaining an open, external perspective.

#MyFantasyTeam: Drafting a Personal Advisory Board

A few years ago, I was striding through a hurdle and almost damaged my personal brand. This concept of a personal advisory board didn’t click until a leader of mine sat me down for an after-action review and gave me a dose of reality to a blind spot. My foot was too heavy on the pedal and if I proceeded with this style, my reputation within the organization would most likely have been impacted. This conversation left me dazed initially, but I regrouped, leaning into the notion of an advisory board. I had reached a moment in my career that I knew I shouldn’t proceed with this journey alone and I had to develop relationships with individuals and leaders that would take a vested interest.

An established framework, with roles you can mirror, is the structure of a fantasy football team that many of us will build in the approaching weeks. Draft for these positions to build your personal advisory board:

Your star; an individual you have frequent, close contact with that is in a position for direct collaboration. This role is a motivator on and off the field that can lead you to the promised land. This position will more likely to be the hardest to fill due to how hands-on they will be and the quality of person needed.

Running Backs
A position that supports the development of strengths, and helps preserve consistent, essential gains. These individuals help you drive growth within your competencies as you march down the field; also, they give you that extra strength when you need to make a final push for the end-zone.

Wide Receivers
A role that focuses on your weaknesses and your opportunities for the greatest advancement of yardage. It is imperative that you use your wide receivers in a tactical fashion. Overuse will jeopardize your completion rating, but underuse will affect time management. Be very strategic with the time you have with these individuals, focusing on specific routes to your goals.

Tight End
A utility player that can run, block, and catch, supporting growth over a multitude of areas. They will be on the front line with you and will be one of your finer teammates. Don’t forget to check in with this person when you are under pressure. A quick conversation can mean all the difference.

The most underappreciated position and the one that frequently makes the difference between wins and losses. This role serves as the individual that will kick you to staying the course. They’re with you from the opening whistle and will be with you for almost every point on the board. While they may take the blunt-end of a loss, everyone needs a kicker in their life.

Defense/Special Team
There’s a cliché, “Offense wins games, defense wins championships.” While this may be debatable, this role sets the tone of the game and is the voice of the team. You need an advocate whether within an organization or externally. This sponsorship not only strengthens your confidence; it helps you tackle barriers. Working without a solid defense or special teams puts immense pressure on the offense to continue to score. Living in a world of blown calls, you want that strong voice making noise for you.

In my experience, autonomously blazing a career path is not the resourceful way to approach this game. Regardless of whether my internal compass points true, there may be a more efficient course to take. My personal advisory board provides that external perspective, whether it is to support growth or to guide me professionally and personally. As with any team, the team I have this year may differ next year. A star position may also differ for each team. And some players might be able to fulfill multiple roles. Each team is different. Build a team that is most appropriate for you. What’s most important is having the full, active roster. You will be better equipped to win your league.


If you already have your fantasy team drafted, give them a shout-out!

Quarterback – Ariel Reppert
Running Backs – Jim Tierney / Jim Walker
Wide Receivers – Tom Miller / Stephen Gambescia
Tight End – Barb Carroll
Kicker – Michele McCormick
Defense/Special Team – Tiffany Grinstead

Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jenniranee

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