My Thanksgiving

I haven’t formally put the “for sale” sign on my LinkedIn profile, promoting that I’m looking for my next challenge, but I guess I’ll “let the cat out the bag” in regards to my current situation.

In the beginning of the year, Nationwide notified our office (King of Prussia) that they will be relocating the business to the “Mothership” –headquarters in Columbus, OH. The expiration is 12/31 to either make the transition or to take my next step. While Columbus is a charming city, and tempting for my wife (Victoria’s Secret is also headquartered there), we felt it wasn’t the most suitable time to make this move.

As I was notifying my leadership and communicating to colleagues that I, unfortunately, cannot make this transition, I was kindly acknowledged with, “you’ll get picked up fast, you have XYZ skill(s).” Yet, this journey has not been quick nor painless; a humbling rite that many have taken over the past decade.

As we head into Thanksgiving, I particularly have many thanks to give:

To my leadership:

I have never heard of an organization going as far as you have to soften the impact in this sort of transition. I have the utmost respect for the support you have provided and grateful that during these changes you have had my interests in perspective. You have been on my side. Thank you.

To colleagues:

A number of you have turned into dear friends. You have proofread my writing, provided insight into specific companies, opened your network, or simply being a sounding board. As the office quickly became solemn, your spirit and nature always afforded a smile. It’s been an honor to work you over the past few years. Thank you.

To my mentors:

For the late phone texts, calls and drinks, taking time away from your busy schedules and families to advise every aspect of this process. You have been invested in my success, asking nothing in return. Thank you.

To my wife:

From picking out which suits, shirts, and ties matched the best or bearing the strange meditation music at night to help me sleep; you have been my best friend. You have not doubted me once or complained about picking up the slack as I have been immersed in this search. And most importantly, you have kept me and our home normal in an abnormal time. Thank you.

To the recruiters who have over communicated:

The professional courtesy you have extended is best-in-class. While the updates you communicated may have been good, bad or ugly, regardless of the outcome, you have provided a positive experience with your organization. Thank you.

To the connections who have blindly accepted:

I appreciate you accepting my invitation to connect without being previously acquainted. Your updates on opportunities or engaging with my writing has provided drive during an enervating time. I hope our paths cross in person in the near future. Thank you.

To the those who have responded to my InMail:

My messages may have been a winded and unconventional, you still took the time to read and continue the conversation. The insight you afforded is significant and I hope I can repay with a drink someday. Thank you.

Thanksgiving is typically a time we break bread to give thanks to friends and family, but this year I wanted to take a moment to give thanks to the colleagues and peers who have made an impact on a personal level in 2016. I’m fortunate to have been surrounded by and connected with remarkable individuals over the past year.

While my future is still unclear with my time at Nationwide coming to an end, I know this will be a cherished time in my career. Nationwiders are some of the finest, professionally and personally.

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