I never stopped wanting to play with LEGOs

My Story

I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia on an ordinary street. I was raised in a twin home with a cherry tree in the backyard. We had a basketball net, a corner deli, and just enough kids lived on the street to get in just enough trouble. We went to Disneyland once, but spent most of our summers on the Jersey shore. I had a massive collection of LEGOs, and spent hours creating abstract cities, future flying vehicles, but never building what the package actually was.

From a young age, I had a competitive spirit and developed a thick skin by surrounding myself with people cut from this same cloth. My closest friends from those days are still some of my closest friends now. We learned in order to play hard, you need to work hard. This is where I like to start my day and every new chapter of my life; with a challenge.

I think my problem is I never stopped wanting to play with LEGOs. It’s not necessarily LEGOs, It’s the creation of something. And after you are done with a build, you stare at it, you tweak it, add some there, take something off there. And when it’s done? You break it and start all over! Well, instead of LEGOs, it’s marketing campaigns, technology, and brands. It’s taking a simple idea and making bigger and more impactful then you ever thought possible, but never actually being satisfied with the end product.

As an integrating marketing leader I deliver holistic marketing plans to drive KPIs and top-lines. I bring a skill-set of aligning digital technologies and engaging content to communicate value propositions in various stages of the sales cycle. Having practiced on both the agency and brand side of marketing teams, I developed a finesse in balancing agile marketing practices in large organizations.

I began my career innovating two brands in a traditional medium during the introduction of digital, social, and mobile audience experiences. I moved into a role at an independent digital advertising agency, leading internal marketing initiatives to develop thought-leadership and marketing automation in the conversion of industry decision makers to new clients. Currently I am a brand strategist for Nationwide Funds, focused on building Nationwide’s relationship with financial advisors.

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